Jewelry Business and Design Instruction Membership

 In the Jewelry Business Development membership group, each month you will receive:

ALL of the items in Level 1 & 2 - Basic & Advanced Jewelry Design PLUS:

  1. 1 detailed video with business instruction focused on one specific topic
  2. 1 printable for your to print and make notes and brainstorm with
  3. 1 live group conference call to ask and discuss your questions
  4. access to a private Facebook group page

This is for those of you who want to take you hobby of jewelry design to the next level. You may have already started you business, but want to know more about how to succeed.

Some, but not all, of the topics I have planned are:

  • How to actually get started as a business.
  • What is the most important aspects of my business.
  • How to take excellent product photos with limited equipment.
  • How to efficiently broadcast your marketing to multiple social media platforms.
  • Where to find customers.
  • How to move toward and into the wholesale market should you wish to.

Each level is priced affordably. No contracts to sign, you may cancel at any time.

Each month all training materials will be available for the full month at which time they will expire as new content is uploaded. You may email me with questions, concerns, and photos so that I can provide you with full instruction.

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Enrollment CLOSES April 30th, 2020 with the introductory pricing.

Content NOW available.

Basic Jewelry Design Monthly Membership Group - $17 per month
Advanced Jewelry Design Monthly Membership Group - $27 per month 
Jewelry Business Monthly Membership Group - $34 per month

Pricing is currently at a low introductory price. Lock in your pricing and it will never change when prices increase.

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