CLASS - Simple SW Square Copper & Silver Cross Chain

12 Hour Class

You will make a 24" long square cross
double chain with Southwest details. 

You will learn basic:

Annealing Argentium Silver
Sawing with Jewelrs Saw
Using Stamps to Create Design
Making Round Jumprings
Joining Jumprings into a Chain
Adding a Patina


This is a fun and simple intermediate class for those who like a southwest flair.  This chain is 2 strands about 24" long and uses about 14 feet of square wire which accounts for the high price of this class.  You may adjust longer or shorter in the class to your liking.  I have a variety of stamps for you to use and you will create your own layout.  The links are made from square wire and you will saw out 8 squares and stamp and form them into chain elements.  The small squares are back to back so that it will show a cross front no matter how the chain lays.

This class will take every bit of 12 hours.  You may divide up however best suits you.  You may do an 8 hour day and finish the remaining 4 another day.  You may do 3 - 4 hour sessions.  The pendant also takes between 10 to 12 hours depending upon your skill level.  Combine the two classes for a three day total which of course can be broken up as you wish.

You will form a hook clasp and create a small cross charm element for the end of the chain.

This class is By Arrangement.  I will do from 1 - 4 students.  Contact me to request a special time.

To register for a class choose your date from the drop down list or contact to make arrangements to schedule a class by arrangement.

Once paid you are enrolled and will be sent an email with further instructions.  A  written tutorial will also be provided for you at class.

Classes are held in my studio in Edmond, OK.  Once you have enrolled you will receive an email with detailed instructions and the address. 

Class Calendar


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