CLASS - PMC on Argentium Silver

4 Hour Class

You will learn basic:

Annealing Argentium Silver
Adding PMC to your Argentium Piece
Adding a Patina


This class will take the piece you made in the PMC class and add it to a piece made from Argentium. In this class you may make a ring or pendant and then we will add the PMC to that item.

If you choose a ring you will be taught how to make a wide band ring in any width you choose. You will learn sizing, forming, texturing, and finishing.

If you choose a pendant you will learn how to make a small pendant with a rim and jump-ring bail.  You will learn how to fuse the rim on and them trim back and finish to appear as one solid piece.

In the first class, the Precious Metal Clay Class you learn how to create a mold for a custom piece while keeping in mind its later use.  We make and prep the piece for firing.  Final finishing will be required after firing which will be done at the beginning of this class.

I can accommodate up to 4 per class. Because of the overwhelming demand I can no longer do individual classes.  I now have a set schedule.  If you have at least 2 total, including you, who want to take a class I will schedule an individual date otherwise class days and times are as set.

To register for a class choose your date from the drop down list or contact to make arrangements to schedule a class by arrangement.

Once paid you are enrolled and will be sent an email with further instructions.  A  written tutorial will also be provided for you at class.

Classes are held in my studio in Edmond, OK.  Once you have enrolled you will receive an email with detailed instructions and the address. 

Class Calendar


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